We were founded in 2010 by Ida Östensson. Our foundation was originally called Crossing Boarders but has during spring 2016 been renamed Make Equal. Today we consist of four full-time employees and also have a number of project based employees. Our head office is located in Stockholm and there is also an office situated in Umeå.

We know that it is possible to create an equal society if everyone participates in the change. We shift the focus from problems to their solutions. By spreading knowledge and by working with solution-oriented methods we encourage working practically towards equality.

We co-operate and work together with companies, authorities and other organisations to create a more extensive and efficient change in society. A few examples are our method The Equality Effect, Fatta/Fatta Man, Flickaplattformen, The Twitter Dress and Make Equal Projects.

Since being founded we have educated and held lectures for approximately 20,000 people from hundreds of different organisations. Through our projects we develop methods for areas in need of improvement. We are a solution-orientated voice in the societal debate. Through our different campaigns our messages have reached over 100 million people worldwide.

omoss_utbildningOur method The Equality Effect is the heart our organisation. Since 2010, through our lectures and educations we have given inspiration, advice and methods for equality to around 20 000 people and hundreds of businesses. We are hired as inspirational speakers and process leaders focusing on solutions within the field of equality. Additionally, we conduct commissions such as project evaluations, quality insurance of materials and feedback on concepts for campaigns. In addition to our staff we have another 13 consultants in our education pool. Following the steps of The Equality Effect, we have created a self evaluating test that can be found at www.jhe.nu.

omoss_opinionWe are here to create change! We work methodologically, anchoring and long term but to speed up the societal change there needs to be courage to challenge, raise questions, set the agenda and create debate. We want to influence the public conversations on the topic of equality. Through a solution-orientated focus we aim to make actors in power take responsibility and initiate change. Among other things we have started the Fatta-movement in collaboration with Femtastic that fights sexual violence and works towards the implementing consent in laws and in practice. We are due to our small size forced to be innovative and come up with creative solutions. An example is Twee-Q, where we offer people on twitter the possibility to examine how equal their feed is and by doing so create a debate about representation in public conversations.

omoss_projektThrough our projects, we implement, develop and test methods for equality in areas where improvement is needed. With Make Equal Projects we encourage young people to initiate their own equality-and inclusion based projects with the opportunity to receive financing and mentorship throughout the process. We run Fatta Man together with MFJ, which encourages men and boys to take responsibility and contribute to solve the societal problem that is the sexual violence of men. Together with Hungerprojektet(The Hunger Project) we run Flickaplattformen (The Girl platform) which is a meeting point for participants working towards strengthening young girls position in society. With the project Nuläget we are developing a digital tool to work with equality and inclusion within ones organisation. Another example is the Camp-model, which is a method book for creating equal and including camps.