The Make Equal foundation was founded by Ida Östensson in 2010, originally under the name Crossing Boarders. In 2016, the foundation was renamed Make Equal; and we do what our name encourages! Today, the team consists of seven full-time employees and fifteen consultants available through an expert pool. The head office is located in Stockholm and there is another office in Umeå.

We are convinced that it is possible to create an equal society for all, but it is necessary that everyone participates in the change. Therefore, we collaborate with companies, authorities and other NGOs to create a more extensive, efficient and sustainable societal change. Since 2010, we have furthermore educated and held lectures for approximately 100 000 people from thousands of different organisations and workplaces.

We are a solution-focused voice in the public debate and through our different campaigns, our messages have reached over 100 million people worldwide. We shift the focus from problems to solutions and by spreading knowledge, tools and methods, we encourage everyone to work practically towards equality. Our solution-based methods and tools are developed through our many projects, focusing on different areas in need of improvement.

omoss_utbildningOur method The Equality Effect (Jämlikhetseffekten) is the heart of our organisation. Based on this, we have provided practical methods and advice on how to reach equality to around 100 000 people and thousands of businesses. We are hired as inspirational speakers and process leaders and we offer support in project evaluations, quality insurance of material and products and give feedback on campaigning concepts.

Our equality certification gives your company, business or organisation an holistic approach to sustainable equality work. With the help of the survey service Make Equal Analytics, we map experiences of discrimination, restrictive norms and values within your business. The certification is based on all grounds of discrimination, and through different analysing processes we suggest costume made strategies adjusted to your specific needs and situation. By completing all steps of the process, your business becomes “Certified to Make Equal”.

omoss_opinionWe are here to create change! We work methodically to anchor a long term and sustainable societal change; but to speed up the process we need courage to challenge, raise questions, set the agenda and create debate. We want to influence the public debates and discussions on the topic of equality. Through our solution-focused approach, we aim to force the people in power to take responsibility and initiate change. Amongst other things, we started the Fatta-movement in collaboration with Femtastic which fights sexual violence and works towards the implementation of sexual consent in legislation and in practice. Fatta has grown enormously and is today its own NGO. In the recent #metoo-debate, Make Equal has been an important and influential voice, promoting future solutions and actions and societal change.

Förlåt mig-bottenThrough our many different projects, we are able to develop, test and implement accessible, solution-focused methods and tools that take us a few steps closer to equality. The projects focus on different areas of society, in the need of improvements. We work on multiple scales and promote the importance in thinking big and wide. Through our project Make Equal Stories, we have collected real personal stories about experiences of discrimination, harassment and exclusion and used them to spread awareness and preventive actions. With the aim of challenging destructive masculine norms and their negative consequences for everyone, our project Killmiddag (Guys’ Dinner) have encouraged men to open up and share emotions and experiences about being a man with the support of guiding themes, questions and tips. Together with Hungerprojektet (The Hunger Project) we have implemented Flickaplattformen (The Girlchild platform), which is a meeting point for participants working towards strengthening young girls’ position in society. Our project Skärpning raises the issues with online hatred and its negative effects on democracy and freedom of speech to create a more inclusive climate.