Make Equal’s new e-learning: DEI for Managers

November 9, 2023

Following the well-received launch of our Swedish e-learning for managers on diversity, equity and inclusion, we now offer the same unique concept as an English version. This e-learning is the most efficient way to secure crucial competencies and skills not only for the managers but for the whole team – as managers are to lead by example!

The content aligns with Swedish legal requirements and is solution-oriented – with practical tips to use in the workplace immediately. 

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. You order the number of licenses you want straight from our website. For yourself as a manager, or perhaps for your whole executive team? The more licenses you order, the better the price! 
  2. The managers are then given easy access to the training through their e-mail addresses, and conduct the training at their own pace, when it suits them. 
  3. Those who have completed the training receive a diploma, and as an organization, you can follow the development of all of your management teams.

Diversity and inclusion are good for people and good for business. With our e-learning on DEI for managers, you take that vital step towards success!

By being proactive, you decrease the risks of having to manage crises, and instead, you build healthy and high-performing workplaces where everyone can reach their fullest potential. In the course, we cover topics such as unconscious bias, psychological safety and active measures. The e-learning combines texts with audiovisual clips. It’s interactive to make it more engaging, and the content is linked to your everyday life. This e-learning is entirely digital, so managers can complete it from anywhere, at any time, at their own pace, when it suits them the best. This is what flexible and adaptive upskilling looks like!

Studies show that employees who feel included at work plan to stay three times as long in their job than others. And we know that inclusive leadership increases performance in a group by almost 20%. We believe in the power of people. By helping more workplaces to create a culture where everyone feels included to be themselves, a sense of belonging and experience that they can reach their fullest potential. We want it to be easy to do the right thing. 

Order your licenses, Make Equal’s e-learning: DEI for managers, at: