Three tips with Frida

March 10, 2022

At work, everyone should have the same opportunities to reach their full potential. We have developed three concrete tips on how you can create a more inclusive and equal workplace. We are all part of each other´s work environment and can therefore make a positive difference!

  • Assuming that everyone is in the room, for example religions, ages, genders, sexualities and disabilities. Then you are more likely to talk and plan mor inclusively.
  • Say “those of us” to avoid talking in terms of “us and them”.
  • Back others, show civility and be an ally to create a safer and more inclusive climate for more people.

Did you know that at Make Equal we can help your workplace develop its equality work? Write to us at to find out more.

Visual interpretation: Subtitled clip of Frida talking into the camera. She stands in front of a blue wall and is filmed in half-body.