About us

What we do

We live up to our name. We educate organisations and workplaces, without pointing fingers, with a focus on getting more people willing and able to get involved. Through our solution focus, we create motivation to make a positive difference. Our methods and our consultants’ expertise give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your business.

Who we are

We are solution-focused equality consultants who work for – and encourage – practical equality work. We have our office in Stockholm but take assignments both digitally and nationwide. Read our activity report from 2021. to find out more about our achievements.

Our history

Make Equal has over ten years’ experience of working practically with equality and inclusion in organisations. We are a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious foundation founded in 2010 by Ida Östensson to accelerate the work for equality in society. Back then we were called Crossing Boarders but in spring 2016 we got our current name.

Our values




Contact info@makeequal.se for press and media enquiries. Images and logos are available on our press page.

Alva Karlsson

Coordinator and Equality Consultant

Alva joined Make Equal after her studies in gender studies and labour law. With previous work experience in non-discriminatory recruitment, Alva’s expertise in this area has led to practical change in the workplace for several of our clients. Alva’s analytical and strategic skills have made her an integral part of the mapping assignment that Make Equal carries out. As a former football player, Alva always gives 100% in the missions she is involved in and brings a lot of laughter and confidence to those around her. Alva likes to spend her free time walking around town with her friends or with her family in Småland.

Aygül Kabaca

CEO and Equality Consultant

Aygül is an expert in equality and diversity issues with over 15 years of experience, mainly in the public and non-profit sectors, but also as a consultant in the business sector. With a background as a certified teacher and international experience in human rights, democracy and languages, Aygül is appreciated for her ability to present complex topics in an educational and accessible way with a clear leadership perspective. Aygül is inspired by participating in and moderating conversations about diversity and inclusion, preferably in contexts where multiple perspectives are allowed. As the COO, she is also internally responsible for work environment and inclusion at Make Equal. She is currently involved in voluntary work as a board member of Amnesty International.

Frida Hasselblad (on leave)

Key Account Manager, and Equality Consultant

With fifteen years of experience working as a consultant and trainer on gender equality issues, Frida runs many of Make Equal’s major client projects. She has particular expertise in discrimination legislation, leadership and organisational development linked to equality mainstreaming. Frida is also the CEO and is responsible for developing and running Make Equal’s business and assignment activities. As a trainer, Frida is accurate and solution-oriented, and as a consultant, she has a special ability to involve both employees and management teams in the change process. When Frida isn’t busy trying to keep her cottage from collapsing, she enjoys dancing ballet or dreaming back to the time when she lived in Uruguay.

Isatou Svenungsson (on parental leave)

Equality Consultant

With an academic background in gender studies, intersectionality and change management, and expertise in minority stress and whiteness norms, Isatou brings new perspectives to workplaces. At Make Equal, Isatou is focusing on mapping assignments where she identifies challenges that workplaces may have in their equality work. When meeting with clients, Isatou is curious and likes to have conversations that lead to deeper awareness. Isatou is also an insightful trainer who values safety and stresses the importance of dealing responsibly with sensitive issues. In addition to her role at Make Equal, she is co-founder of Afroinstitutionen, which focuses on empowering black people in Gothenburg, and Layers of Creativity, which promotes creators and cultural workers from underrepresented groups. On a day off, you’ll find Isatou in the sun with a really good book.


Ida Östensson
Chair and founder of Make Equal Co-founder of the consent movement Fatta, initiator of #Killmiddag and author of the book Allt vi inte pratar om.

Ida has won many awards for her work, including first place in the Näringslivets Superkommunikatör, Årets folkbildare and Årets Bris-tagare. She has also been on many lists such as Årets Uppstickare (Shortcut), Framtidens 99 mäktigaste (TCO) and Sveriges 101 Supertalanger (Veckans Affärer). In addition to being a spokesperson for Make Equal, Ida is an experienced Equality Consultant, moderator and a valued voice in the public debate.

Magnus Larsson
Board member – CEO and co-founder of MAJORITY. Previously CEO of Rebtel and Head of Sweden for Comviq

Johanna Hallin
Board member – CEO and founder of Srey Invest. Previously CEO of Lumen Behavior, founder of Inter Business and board member of UNICEF Sweden.

Tanvir Mansur
Board member – Freelance writer and podcast producer at Soundtelling AB.